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We Put Protectapeel® Anti-Rust To The Test!

Rust is a serious and ever-present problem, it spreads quickly harming the physical integrity of the metal.

Protectapeel® Anti-Rust is an eco-friendly, liquid-applied, protective coating for the temporary protection of metal against rust.

We decided to test how quickly rust would settle on a steel panel. We protected one half with Protectapeel® Anti-Rust and left the other half exposed. Every hour the steel panel was sprayed with salt water, we noticed flash rusting on the unprotected half within thirty minutes!

See the difference between the unprotected half and the protected half when we removed Protectapeel® Anti-Rust.

Protectapeel® Anti-Rust;

> Water Based

> Safe Applying & Removing

> Salt Spray Tested 1,440 Hours

> Stops Mild Steel Rusting

> Stops Mild Steel Flash Rusting

> Up To 24 Months Protection

> No Solvents Required

> Easy Removal By Hand Peeling

> Non-Hazardous Disposal

Protectapeel® Anti-rust is easily applied by airless spray or roller and dries to form a tough, protective barrier guaranteed to protect against rust. If you would like to discuss Protectapeel® Anti-Rust further or arrange a free demonstration please get in touch.


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