UV Technology Safeguards Glass from Surface Damage

Spraylat International Ltd is delighted to have formulated an instant cure, protective coating that creates significant decreases in damage and waste.

Spraylat's in-house Technical Department was tasked with creating a tack-free, instant-cure coating with the same protective qualities of their original Protectapeel® product. Protectapeel® Photocure was developed and has been implemented in continuous-flow lines of large manufacturing facilities.

Ordinarily, glass is protected at the end of the line with low-cost protective tapes, which can lose adhesion, causing abrasions and imperfections on the glass. Along with impeding glass shortages, Protectapeel® Photocure will eliminate delays and expenditures.

The glass is run through the line, sprayed with the coating then run through a UV light, allowing the protected glass to be stacked ready for use. The glass is now protected for up to 12 months from damage such as; scratching, abrasion, staining, spillage and overspray. And whilst in storage and during transit and installation.

When required, the coating is simply hand peeled and condensed into a small ball.