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The Ultimate Protective Coating & Unparalleled Customer Service For You

Our Protective Coating

Our passion is manufacturing the very best liquid applied coatings for surface protection. We have manufactured Protectapeel® temporary protective coatings here in the UK since 1992. Over this time, our in-house development team has enhanced our coatings to give our customers top-quality surface protection.

Our liquid applied temporary protective coating is quickly and easily applied by airless spray or roller, eliminating the need for measuring and cutting to size! Protectapeel® is ideal for not only flat surfaces such as glass, but also shaped and curved surfaces such as frames and sanitary basins. Protectapeel® is also a fire resistant protective coating, which has achieved BS 476 Pt 7 Class 1 classification.

The airtight protective coating does not lose adhesion like protective film rolls, guaranteeing surfaces are protected from scratching, mortar, dust and dirt and more! The peelable protective coating is easily removed by hand peeling – revealing clean and undamaged surfaces.

Our Customer Service

But, manufacturing the very best surface protection coating is not only what we do! We also offer unparalleled customer service

We offer free demonstrations to show our potential customers how easy Protectapeel® is to apply, and its superior protective qualities. We also offer surface protection cost comparisons tailored to your needs (even if it’s not Protectapeel®).

Each tub of Protectapeel® is supplied with an Application Guide, and we also offer application videos to show how easy it is to apply. If you choose to purchase Protectapeel® we also offer free training and on-site support to guarantee you get the very best from your surface protection!


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