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The Knock-On Effect Of Surface Damage Could Be A Damaged Reputation

Damage surfaces during construction cause many issues such as additional expenses, delays, a negative environmental impact, and the loss of a contractor’s good reputation.

The overwhelming demand for construction products since the easing of Covid-19 restrictions has left resources in short supply, culminating in longer lead times.

These longer lead times can result in projects being delayed, which if the completion date is affected will cost the contractor. If the completion date is delayed, the contractor will be liable to pay liquidated and ascertained damages (LADs) to the client. Not only do these damaged surfaces cause time delays and additional costs, but it also increases the impact the project is having on the environment due to wastage.

With all these issues combined, the knock-on effect of damaged surfaces can lead to the damaged reputation of a contractor, the relationship with the client, and future contracts.

Contractors worldwide are avoiding these devastating issues caused by damage by using Protectapeel®. Protectapeel® is a liquid applied, temporary protective coating that protects surfaces from damage during the construction phase.

Easily applied to curved and flat surfaces as a liquid, Protectapeel® dries to form a tough, durable protective film that does not lose adhesion and protects for up to 12 months externally and 24 months internally!

When required, Protectapeel® is quickly removed by hand peeling and condensed down into a small ball. Any dirt, mortar or overspray is removed with the coating, leaving clean and undamaged surfaces ready for handover! Protectapeel® can easily be disposed of as domestic waste, or returned to Spraylat International Ltd for recycling!


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