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The Demand For Specialist Glass In Construction

Climate change is driving the growing need for specialist glass. An increase in demand for specialist glazing shows how the construction industry is responding to the climate crisis.

Growing sustainability commitments are raising the demand for specialist glass, which delivers both solar control and thermal insulation performance. This specialist glass will keep buildings at the correct temperature, decrease carbon footprint and give the occupants lower energy costs.

This driving change within the industry is significant, it will play a great part towards the government's impending 2050 net-zero target. However, whilst this change is needed, it does cause a problem for the construction industry.

Inevitably the value of specialist glass will be greater. If the value of this glass is greater, the need to protect it is essential.

Damage is unavoidable on-site, without high-quality protection damage rates will always be present. The problem now is with specialist glass, if this becomes damaged, not only will it cost more to replace, but availability may also be challenging - causing severe delays.

So, more expense and greater lead times - doesn't sound too appealing, does it?

Investing in a high-quality protective coating ensures no damage happens to this high-quality, specialist glass. Whether it is flat, curved, annealed, toughened, laminated or double-glazed specialist glass - Protectapeel® will protect it.

Effortlessly applied by airless spray gun or roller, Protectapeel® forms a durable, skin-tight protective film, which protects from;

· Scratching

· Dust & Dirt

· Paint Overspray

· Mortar Splatter

· Render

We are so confident in Protectapeel® - we offer free-of-charge, no-obligation demonstrations so you and your team can see for yourself. Book today and you will not be disappointed!


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