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Surface Damage + Delays = Stress. Avoid it with Protectapeel

protective coating to prevent surface damage

Surfaces can come into contact with harmful contaminants during the construction process. Having damaged surfaces on your projects can have an impact on both your deadlines and budget.

This surface damage can create the need for repairs and/or replacements – which ultimately may cause delays on-site.

Delays on-site will only cause stress…

How long will it take for the replacement? Will this affect the handover date? Will this mean penalty clauses?

spray on protective coating for surface damage protection

Avoid this stress by using Protectapeel, a spray-on temporary protective coating that stops surface damage in its tracks.

Easily applied by airless spray, Protectapeel dries to form an air-tight, solid bond to the surface which adheres for up to 12 months, protecting your surfaces from damage such as;

·        Scratching

·        Mortar

·        Paint overspray

·        Weld Spatter

·        Dust & Dirt

·        Weathering

peelable protective coating for surface damage protection

When required, peel away the protective coating – all dust/dirt is removed with the coating, revealing a clean, undamaged surface ready for handover.

Don’t take our word for it check out what our customers say. Or see the projects we have protected.

Quash this added stress on-site by using Protectapeel, take advantage of our free demonstrations to see the quality yourself!


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