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Singapore Distributor Achieves 20 Years With Protectapeel

Managing Director Godfrey Foong of Parmis Pte Ltd celebrates 20 years as a Protectapeel distributor in Singapore.

Godfrey has worked for Parmis Pte Ltd for 34 years back when the company was first established in 1989. Parmis Pte Ltd specialised in products for the textile and knitting industries, however by 2000, textile industries saw a global shift to cheaper regions, leaving Parmis Pte Ltd to reinvent itself.

Parmis focused on forging strategic alliances within the construction sector constantly expanding their market coverage and exploring new opportunities and products. By 2003, Parmis Pte Ltd had started distributing Protectapeel peelable coatings.

The tremendous relationship between Spraylat and Parmis Pte Ltd has only grown over the years, with Parmis having protected more than 120 buildings and over 250,000m² of glass with Protectapeel. Some of Parmis' most esteemed projects include;

  • Shanghai World Financial Centre, Shanghai

  • ICC Building Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  • Kingkey Financial Tower, Shenzhen

  • Guoco Tower, Singapore

Our Managing Director Andrew Keir recently visited Godfrey and presented him with a certificate for his dedication and service over the years. Andrew Keir said; “I consider Godfrey to be a friend as well as our Distributor therefore, it gave me great pleasure to acknowledge his achievements and thank him for his business during the past 20 years”.

"The Spraylat team has always been very supportive and are quick to respond to any inquiries we have. We are extremely proud to be distributing Protectapeel, which is the best performance temporary glass protection product in the market." Godfrey Foong.

Andrew Keir and Godfrey Foong celebrating 20 years of distributing Protectapeel


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