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Recycling Protectapeel

We are just as passionate about protecting our world as we are about protecting surfaces.

Protectapeel Recycle Point supports contractors in order to combat the climate crisis and be a responsible and compliant company with waste management. Reducing your construction waste will reduce the number of materials heading to these landfill areas that directly pollute our atmosphere.

Protect Surfaces

Quickly protect surfaces with Protectapeel spray on protective coating. There is no need to measure or cut to size, simply spray on directly to the surface.

Peelable Coating

When required, easily remove Protectapeel peelable coating by hand and condense it down into a small ball and place it into the original container.

Recycling Protectapeel

Call us to arrange a convenient time for us to come and collect the used Protectapeel coating. We will then return it to our factory for recycling.

61% of all UK waste is produced by the construction sector. In the first 12 months of launching Protectapeel® Recycle Point, we expect to collect 20% of our coatings

for recycling!

For more information get in touch with our Recycle Point Manager, Kerry!


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