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Recyclable Protective Coatings

Introducing Protectapeel Recycle Point - our advanced recycling scheme that aids sustainable construction.

Sustainability has been at the forefront of our business since we started in 1992, our temporary protective coating Protectapeel has been used and trusted worldwide to protect surfaces from damage thus reducing the overall amount of wasted materials.

Whilst we are extremely proud of the surface protection Protectapeel provides, we know in today's world this isn't enough. That is why we have launched Protectapeel Recycle Point.

Protectapeel Recycle Point gives our UK customers the opportunity to recycle Protectapeel!

Once Protectapeel protective coating is removed we ask that it is condensed into a small ball and placed in the original tub and sealed with the lid. Get in touch with our protection specialists who will schedule a collection for you. We will collect the recyclable protective coating and return it to our manufacturing facility where it will be baled and sent on for recycling.

Managing your business in a sustainable way is no longer a matter of preference. Get in touch for more information about our recyclable protective coatings.

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