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Protective Peelable Coatings Manufacturer's Smart Service Cycle Is A Success

Peelable coating manufacturer Spraylat International Ltd, based in Northamptonshire has been manufacturing and supplying peelable protective coatings (Protectapeel) worldwide since 1992.

peelable coating service

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Spraylat International Ltd set out to further benefit both potential and current customers by launching its four-step, free service cycle. The service cycle includes having a free demonstration, cost comparison, application training and on-site support.

Since its launch, Spraylat International Ltd has received excellent feedback from customers who have found it extremely helpful. Metclad used the service cycle whilst working on the Brass Founders project.

The team was able to see the quick application of Protectapeel during the free demonstration, along with the potential money savings with the free cost comparison. With the team being trained by Spraylat, 1,200m² of glass was protected from expensive damage such as scratching. The team also benefited from the free on-site support from Spraylat, allowing for any additional questions to be answered and to check the protective coating was applied correctly.

“We protected 1,200m² of glass and frames, I was really impressed with the product and the overall customer service,” Josh Gardner, Metclad.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Not only did our service cycle help Metclad make the advantageous decision to protect with Protectapeel but they also gave us five stars!

If you are interested in Protectapeel why not get in touch to discuss a free demonstration to see how our spray-applied protective coating can help you.


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