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Protective Film or Protective Coating?

We asked a number of construction site managers "What do you want from your protective materials?" Here's what they said...

  • Ease of application and removal

  • Internal and external protection

  • Allows light in

  • Avoid cleaning after use

With this in mind, we looked at the differences you get by using a protective film as opposed to a protective coating.

Protective films are a popular choice on-site due to being relatively cheap and easy to use, however, as we all know cheap doesn't mean quality.

Many of our customers started out by using protective film, but came to us complaining the film would lose adhesion and leave the surfaces susceptible to damage. They also complained that the film left residue on the surface, which created additional cleaning costs.

That's where Protectapeel protective coating comes in...

  • Quick and easy application by spray

  • 12 months of internal & external protection

  • Allows light in

  • Perfect for shaped, curved and flat surfaces

  • Air-tight protection - no adhesion loss

  • No cutting to size or measuring

  • Reduce repairs, replacements & cleaning

  • No residue left behind

  • Easily removed by hand peeling

So when it comes to the question "protective film or protective coating?" ask yourself... which would you prefer?

protective film v protective coating

For more information about Protectapeel protective coatings or to book a free demonstration please get in touch with our friendly team!


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