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Introducing The Service We Offer

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Spraylat International, the world leader in peelable coatings and UK based manufacturer of Protectapeel, have unveiled a cost comparison calculator to show how building projects can potentially save thousands of pounds by simply evaluating their temporary building protection before purchasing.

"This is just the first stage in the customer service package we offer those within the construction industry. By offering the opportunity to work with our team, contractors, subcontractors and key consultants are now able to see the full cost savings of properly protecting surfaces to avoid extra damage and cleaning costs. We know that depending on the project we are not the most cost-effective solution, but we want to share this with the industry, so they are aware of the best route to take.

We are not looking to just sell a liquid protective coating and leave our customers to it; we want to provide this added value to ensure that contractors are saving money, whilst getting the full benefits of Protectapeel.”, Spraylat International Ltd, Sales Director, Dan Edwards.

Spraylat’s cost model allows customers to view their best temporary protection solution for the duration of their project before they have even made a purchase. This includes the long-term saving which considers every aspect of protection including reapplication, cleaning and damage costs.

Dan Edwards added “The cost model is part of our free, 6-stage service package from pre-purchase, all the way to the end of the customer’s project and thereafter. We are dedicated in ensuring customers get the best protection and save both time and money”.

Spraylat have been working with many constructors in the UK on projects throughout the country. Yuanda’s Installation Manager, Justin Broom said he “couldn’t be happier with the overall service received” when working on the South Quay Plaza project in Canary Wharf, London.

You can find out how much you could save during your construction project by calling the Spraylat team on 01536 408409 or emailing

Spraylat International have manufactured and supplied Protectapeel in to the construction industry for over 27 years. We ensure our products are of the highest quality and always first to market.


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