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Protective Coatings International - Peelable Protection

In July 2017, Spraylat International assisted Musketeer Solutions with trials for the protection of aeroplanes in storage by initially protecting a retired Boeing 707's fuselage. The Spraylat team were invited back for a follow up and test peel a year later.

Throughout 2018, the UK endured both the hottest and coldest of weather. The Beast from the East froze the country before the endless hot summer arrived. Protectapeel, a liquid applied, protective coating was still able to perform its duties as a tough protective film without freezing or baking on to the surface. Protectapeel was applied to the fuselage using airless spray guns and lambswool rollers and was left to dry to the surface.

Protective coating used in the aerospace industry as a temporary peelable coating

Musketeer Solutions wanted to test the coating on the aeroplane and how it would perform over a long period of time. A retired Boeing 707, which is now used for training purposed for the RAF was coated with Protectapeel and left for 12 months to allow the team to assess the performance and durability of the coating.

After a year of uncertain weather, Protectapeel showed no signs of bleaching following the long periods of exposure. Protectapeel stayed skin-tight to the Boeing's fuselage and when tested, the Spraylat team were able to hand peel the surface protection without any problems, and no further application was required.

When speaking to Steve Welburn, Principal Consultant for Musketeer Solutions, Steve stated that "the use of Protectapeel on our stored aircraft proved highly effective over a 12-month period and we would certainly consider using this product again for similar applications in the future."

Protective Coating used to protect the ship against rust. The peelable coating was easily removed.

Another application involved the Sir David Attenborough, a two-hundred-million-pound polar vessel constructed at Cammell Laird's Birkhenhead shipyard, and launched July this year.

Cammell Laird required protection from the elements to prevent rust and damage throughout the build, this also required being of similar colour to the rest of the ship to be aesthetically pleasing for the launch.

Cammell Laird required a temporary, protective coating, which could be easily removed at the end of the build. Cammell Laird worked with Spraylat to find the right product that would prevent abrasions and rusting, and Spraylat were able to colour match the protective coating.

Protectapeel is a liquid applied temporary peelable coating which dries to form a tough film with skin-tight adhesion. This can protect for up to 12 months.

Protectapeel's skin-tight adhesion means that the research vessel would not suffer rusting, dirt or damage on the protected areas. Using airless spray guns, the team at Cammell Laird were able to quickly apply the temporary protective coating so it was ready for launch. The vessel's top half was coated in Protectapeel and when required was peeled away by hand to reveal a clean, protected surface that had no rust, damage or dirt.


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