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Protecting Steel with a Temporary Anti-Rust Coating - Metal Protective Coating

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Rust on metal can occur within hours of exposure to oxygen and moisture. The British Coating Federation estimate that “corrosion of major structures and equipment through inadequate protection, costs the UK over £10 billion a year.”

Metal should be protected as soon as possible with an anti-rust coating, thus avoiding any likelihood of exposure to harmful elements. If they are not protected properly against rust and corrosion, this causes the need for replacements which result in extra unwanted expenses and customer disputes. Mild steel surfaces cannot always be protected with a long-term protective coating until the product has been delivered. Therefore, a temporary protective coating provides an ideal solution to protect the surface from rusting during delivery, storage and throughout installation

Spraylat International Ltd manufacture Protectapeel Anti-Rust, a liquid applied, temporary, protective coating for protection against rust and corrosion. Anti-Rust can be applied after manufacture to protect during storage, transportation, throughout installation and during construction. This is easily applied by airless spray gun or roller to provide immediate protection. The protective coating also offers superior protection against dirt and damage. Protectapeel will leave the surface looking pristine after removal.

By applying the Anti-Rust protective coating after fabrication, customers are guaranteed to have a rust-free surface until they need to remove the coating. As the fabricator, you would give your customer peace of mind knowing they do not have to worry about rust.

Protectapeel Anti-Rust protected bare steel parts on the UK’s biggest warships, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, against harsh weather during sea transportation to Scotland. When required, the temporary protective coating was removed from the steel components to reveal a rust-free surface.

Protectapeel Anti-Rust has more recently been used on the Sir David Attenborough Naval Ship during manufacture and transportation. The ship required a temporary protective coating to last throughout the launch by Sir David Attenborough himself. Manager of the project, Andrew Blakeborough, described Protectapeel Anti-Rust as “very easy to apply with good adherence and peels easily.”

Protectapeel Anti-Rust helps maintain high standards throughout projects by ensuring metals are not exposed to any harmful elements that will cause rust or corrosion.

To learn more about Anti-Rust protective coatings visit We can also offer a free of charge demonstration.

Spraylat International Ltd have manufactured liquid applied protective coatings in the UK since 1992 and continue to innovate their coatings for their customers’ requirements. To learn more simply get in touch on the above details.


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