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Protectapeel Surface Protection Coating

We have had a lot of customers come to us after their current surface protection has failed them. The most common problem we hear about is that the surface protection has lost adhesion, therefore damaging the surface it was supposed to protect.

Once Protectapeel is applied, it forms an air-tight bond with the surface, that does not lose adhesion until it is removed. Protectapeel peelable coating will protect surfaces internally and externally for up to 12 months from damage such as;

- Scratching

- Weathering

- Mortar

- Paint Overspray

- Spillage

- Staining

- Rust

- Weld Spatter

Our peelable coating is used and trusted worldwide in a number of industries to protect a range of surfaces.

Protectapeel surface protection coating

Here are just some comments we have received about our Protectapeel surface protection;

"Probably one of the best products that I have used in a long time. I sprayed it on before any trades were in and peeled it off when everybody had finished. Perfect for lighting as well, it lets enough in so everybody can continue working."

Ray Hards, Project Manager

"Very easy to apply with airless spray machine. It has a good glossy finish as well as good adherence and we have found that it peels off easy."

Andy Blakeborough, Ship Manager

"It's better than tape and correx for large areas. I couldn't be happier with the overall customer service, it has been outstanding."

Justin Broom, Installation Manager


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