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Protectapeel Peelable Coating

Protectapeel peelable coatings are simply removed by hand peeling! All dirt is removed with the coating, revealing clean and undamaged surfaces – reducing your overall cleaning and repairing costs!

Protectapeel peelable coating

Did you know we have introduced Protectapeel Recycle Point to all our UK customers? Once Protectapeel has been used on-site to protect surfaces, the coating is condensed down into a small ball and placed into the free Protectapeel recycle bags (given to you by your account manager). Simply call the office to arrange a convenient time and we will come and collect your recycling for free!*

Protectapeel recyclable peelable coating

Get in touch for more information about our recyclable peelable coatings!

*Five working days' notice is required. Please let us know of any restrictions on site prior to collection. A minimum of 50kg of used material is required for free collection


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