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Protectapeel Fire Rated Protective Coatings

The potential risks that construction sites pose cannot be underestimated. The combination of combustible materials, open structures and ongoing hot work can create a hazardous environment where fires can spread rapidly.

There is a critical need for robust fire safety measures within the industry, prioritising safety on every construction project from the earliest planning stages to completion.

fire rated protective coating being peeled

Protectapeel Original has achieved BS 476 Pt 7 Class 1 fire rating. The BS 476 refers to the British standard for fire tests on building materials and structures. Part 7 specifies the test method for measuring the lateral spread of flame along the surface. The test measures the distance and time a flame will spread across a surface, Class 1 is the least distance and slowest spread of flame.

There has to be someone responsible for a fire prevention plan on a construction site, planning the appropriate fire resistance to ensure the building is safe. The situation is made worse when a building is under construction because the unsealed structure essentially creates a wind tunnel, in less than 30 seconds, a small flame can turn into a major fire.

As part of your fire prevention plan get in touch about our fire rated protective coating. Not only will Protectapeel Original protect surfaces from damage and save you money it will also slow down the spread of flame, should a fire occur on site.


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