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Protectapeel® Anti-Rust Achieves Certification Six Times Higher Than The Norm

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Protectapeel® Anti-Rust has recently undergone salt spray testing and qualified for a durability rating of C5 High in accordance with EN ISO 12944-6 and EN ISO 9227. The coating has been proven to protect mild steel for two years in a C5M external environment.

Salt spray testing is an accelerated corrosion test, used to evaluate the ability of the coating to resist corrosion in extreme environments.

Mild steel panels protected by Protectapeel® Anti-rust endured 1440 hours of neutral salt spray. This is six times higher than the normal 240 hours!

After 1440 hours the coating was inspected for;

- blistering

- rusting

- cracking

- flaking

All achieved a 0 rating, meaning no blistering, rusting, cracking or flaking was seen at all.

A small section of the panel was not protected during the test, to simulate any damage to the coating, emphasising the high level of corrosion the salt spray will cause. Even with a section removed, Protectapeel® Anti-Rust successfully prevented any corrosion creep under the coating. The small circular sections were cut from the coating to show the level of protection Protectapeel® provided for 1440 hours.

Spraylat is now the first and only manufacturer in the world to have achieved a C5 High classification for a peelable coating.

For more information, get in touch with our friendly team or view the product page Anti-Rust protective coating.


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