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Protect Your Budget, Project & Your Company

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The UK recession has prompted some clients, contractors and developers to pause or scale back on planned investments, further stagnating construction output. (Glenigan, 2022) The cost of construction has risen to double-digit rates due to inflation. Another issue is the extended delivery times of materials are still expected until the middle of 2023. (Construction Enquirer, 2022)

The truth of the matter is there is no “short-cut” around rising material costs and lead times. However, you can protect the materials you already have and in doing so - decrease your repair and replacement rates, along with not having to wait on extended lead times for replacements and reduce your carbon footprint.

We help construction companies reduce damage and complete projects on time.

How? Simple – we manufacture a spray on protective coating called Protectapeel®. Simply applied, Protectapeel® forms a skin-tight protective bond to the surface which ensures surfaces are protected from scratching, mortar, overspray and general dust and debris. Protectapeel® will protect for up to 12 months, is for internal and external use and unlike window film does not lose adhesion, giving you the peace of mind that your surfaces will stay damage free throughout construction.

Protect your budget, project and your company during these uncertain times with Protectapeel®, which has been used and trusted within the construction industry since 1992.

If you’d like more information on how Protectapeel® can help, we are more than happy to meet you! Whether you prefer to meet on-site, in the office, or even for just a quick phone call we can discuss the cost savings involved by using Protectapeel® protective coating – get in touch today!


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