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Pole Position Protective Coating

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Silverstone raceway in Northampton came to us with a problem that Spraylat International Ltd could happily solve. Silverstone needed to protect a 200 metre section of their brand new concrete Pit Wall which is part of their spectacular multi-million pound Pit, Paddock and Conference Centre development. They needed to cover the 200 metre section temporarily with Air Asia’s Logo and corporate colours ready for the British Grand Prix (Moto GP).

protective coating is painted over after application

Silverstone needed to find a coating that was;

- Able to protect the concrete wall from damage and staining

- Quick and easy to apply due to tight time constraints

- Able to allow a vinyl wrap or paint to be applied on top of the coating.

- Easy to remove, without the use of chemicals.

Stuart Jenkins, Venue Services Co-ordinator at Silverstone said; “It was vital to protect the concrete Pit Wall as it is integral to the aesthetic nature of Silverstone Circuit and is viewed on TV by millions of people worldwide”. That’s where Spraylat’s Protectapeel Multi-Surface provided the team at Silverstone with the perfect solution.

protective coating being applied to concrete wall

Protectapeel Multisurface is;

- A liquid product that dries to form a skin tight protective coating

- Easily applied by roller or an airless spray gun, in a short space of time

- Able to allow Vinyl wraps or Paint to be applied on top of the

coating once dry

- Easy to remove, it simply peels off. No chemicals required.

Protectapeel Multisurface was applied by an airless Spray Gun at Silverstone, making it the quick and easy application process that Silverstone needed. Stuart Jenkins said that the application process was, “Simple, it was no different to spray painting.” Once the Peelable coating had dried the Air Asia logo was easily applied on top of the peelable coating ready for the British Grand Prix (Moto GP) race.

When we asked Stuart what he thought about Spraylat International Ltd and its product, Protectapeel Multisurface he said; “Spraylat’s fast and efficient service was very well received and the product is perfect for our requirement; returning our concrete wall back to its original state. Thank you!”


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