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Protection Coating Trialed On Retired Boeing 707 Airframe

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Spraylat International Limited recently assisted Musketeer Solutions in trials at RAF Waddington to protect parts of a retired Boeing 707 airframe, which is now used for training purposes. Musketeer Solutions briefed Spraylat on what they needed from a protective coating;

- The aircraft must be protected from weathering during external storage

- Application should not be too time consuming

- The coating should not alter the airframe’s appearance

- The protective coating was needed for at least 12 months

temporary protective coating used on aircraft

Spraylat International Limited had the perfect product – Protectapeel. A water-based protective coating that dries to form a tough, durable film which protects from the elements. Managing Director Andrew Keir, Sales Manager Dan Edwards, Production Manager Tony Willmott and Application Technician Andy Hart visited RAF Waddington to apply the product to the top of the Boeing 707.

Using both airless spray guns and lambs wool rollers the team applied the coating with ease. No time was wasted cutting the coating to size as it is liquid applied directly to uneven surfaces. The product had been specifically colour matched to the airframe, assuring Musketeer Solutions and RAF Waddington that when dry, the product would not be visible. Protectapeel will then protect the airframe for up to 12 months, when required the coating is simply hand peeled away revealing the undamaged surface.

peelable protective coating being applied to an aircraft

Musketeer Solutions’ Principle Consultant, Steve Welburn commented on the completed project “Musketeer Solutions had a great experience engaging with the Spraylat team. From first discussions through to the final application of Protectapeel, we found the staff were helpful, pro-active and highly professional. We would certainly consider using Spraylat again for other applications.”


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