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Protective Coating Used in Transit

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

As Micro Breweries become more popular in U.S.A the number of tanks exporting beer from Germany to North America is increasing.

Protectapeel® Deckstrip is now being used to protect the outside of the tanks as they make the four-week journey by sea to the East coast of America.

Prior to being protected with Protectapeel® Deckstrip the tanks were placed below deck in an attempt to protect them from unavoidable damage such as;

- Grime from the fumes of the ship

- Corrosion from salt water

The damage created expensive cleaning costs as the tanks had to be specially cleaned with aggressive chemicals, which often scratched and damaged the surface.

Now that the tanks are protected with Protectapeel® Deckstrip they can be stored above deck and there is no need to clean them. The peelable coating is simply removed by hand peeling, condensed into a small ball for recycling – with no further cleaning requirements.

Protectapeel® Deckstrip is saving the tank manufacturers time and money!


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