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Peelable Protective Coating Protects Offshore Containers

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

JGC Engineering have used Protectapeel for temporarily protecting their containers whilst they are being used offshore.

Spraylat International’s liquid applied protective coating, Protectapeel, has been applied by JGC Engineering onto their mobile containers. The containers are due to be shipped to Siemens for their Wind Farm operations and will have to travel from Thurso in Scotland.

JGC applied Multisurface tinted grey with a Non-Flammable additive by airless spray gun to protect the external side of the corrugated containers. As Protectapeel is liquid applied, coating the shaped surface was very simple. Once applied and dried, the purpose-built stainless steel containers will be used to control and transform the energy produced by the offshore wind turbines into useful electricity to supply the national grid. Protectapeel protects the containers during transit and will protect against weathering, saltwater, damage, dirt and many other elements.

When required, they will be able to remove the protective coating from the surface and the container will be ready to be used again. No cleaning will be required as Protectapeel will lift away any dirt or residue saving JGC a lot of time and money.

Why not contact us to see how Protectapeel can help protect your surfaces.


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