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Peelable Coatings Save Money On Site

Inflation has hit all our pockets lately. It may seem counter-intuitive to spend money to save it, but that’s exactly the option you can take if you choose Protectapeel® peelable coating on your construction site.

Our spray applied protective peelable coating will earn its money by protecting all those areas of a build that are becoming more and more expensive to replace if they get damaged. Peelable coatings are particularly good on glass and any non-porous surfaces, providing protection for up to 12 months.

We already sell to some of the biggest construction companies in the UK and around the world and more and more of them are beginning to realise that in tough times it pays to prevent damage rather than replace by using peelable coatings.

Other than saving money, maybe the less obvious advantage of Protectapeel® protective coating is its impact on the environment. Imagine if 10% of all windows and frames were damaged during the construction phase each year and had to be replaced. Imagine the landfills filling up quickly!

With the recent launch of Protectapeel® Recycle Point we will come and collect your used Protectapeel® peelable coating and return it to our manufacturing facility for recycling – it couldn’t be easier!

Spare us 30 minutes to help protect your profit margin and our environment... We’ll come and demonstrate our product on your construction site for free.


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