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Protective Coating Wins Innovators of the Year!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Spraylat International, a company which specialises in peelable plastic coatings have announced they won Business Innovator of the year award at the SME awards in Northamptonshire. Hosted by Jules Breach of BT Sport and the SME Panel, comprising of local business men and women, Spraylat were recognised for their

innovation amongst their products and their continuous development.

peelable protective coating winning award for innovation

Spraylat's products have been used for a variety of projects across the world from One Hyde Park, London to the Maha Nakhon building, the tallest building in Thailand. Now Spraylat are starting to develop even more peelable coatings for a wide range of industries including working with world leading automotive pioneers and aeroengineers. Spraylat have had 20% growth in the last year and are expected to continue growing as they work with business leaders.

Following the innovators recent success, Senior Development Chemist Dr Henry Spurr said, “We are all so delighted to have won this award, it shows that people are starting to take notice of us and that Spraylat are moving in the right direction. We want to keep making peelable coatings which suit our consumers’ needs and explore new areas to maintain our status as a world leader in our area of expertise”. Dr Spurr is currently leading the development in new Protectapeel products.

Spraylat are continuing their innovation by developing new products such as Photocure which dries in seconds under UV light as well as acid resistant coatings for Chemical Milling. Spraylat are also working on a solar panel project, packaging and container protection.

About Spraylat International Ltd: Spraylat International have been manufacturing temporary peelable protective coatings for 25 years, they have used their products across the world within a variety of industries for some of the world’s biggest companies and buildings. For more information please contact us.


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