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Peelable Coatings For Worktops & Basins

Protectapeel® peelable coatings are extremely popular for glass protection during construction. However, did you know our protective coating is not just used to protect glass?

Protectapeel® peelable coatings have also been used to protect surfaces such as worktops, sanitary basins and flooring!

In a perfect world, newly installed units would stay clean and scratch-free during construction. Although, we know this isn't the case with constant dust and debris in the air, needing additional cleaning before handover.

During construction, tasks such as plastering, painting and welding can all cause damage to a surface. To avoid expensive repairs or replacements, Protectapeel® spray on, peelable coating is used to protect surfaces for up to 12 months with no adhesion loss!

Just before handover, Protectapeel® peelable coating is simply removed by hand, taking all the dust and debris away with it, leaving clean and undamaged surfaces!

Protectapeel® has been manufactured in the UK since 1992 and is distributed worldwide. We introduced our Protectapeel® service cycle in 2020, which offers free demonstrations and training to our customers!

Fast forward to 2023, we are extremely proud to introduce Protectapeel® Recycle Point, which encourages our UK customers to schedule a free collection, where we collect all the used peelable coating and return it to our manufacturing facility for recycling!

Get in touch for more information about our free demonstrations or how to recycle our peelable coating.


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