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As Seen On TV - Temporary Floor Protection at the BBC

Updated: Apr 17

Protectapeel is applied over the studio’s original floor to protect it from damage caused by cameras, appliances and heavy foot traffic. Once dry the Protectapeel coating is over coated with anti-glare black floor paint, this process is repeated for several months to keep the painted studio floor looking fresh and free from imperfections that can be spotted on camera.

temporary floor protection

Once or twice a year the Protectapeel coating is peeled up by hand, taking all the layers of old floor paint with it, revealing the clean, undamaged, original studio floor underneath. The coating is then condensed into a ball and disposed of safely. Protectapeel is applied once again as a protective base coat and the process is repeated.

Spraylat International’s Production Manager Tony Willmott says, “We have been protecting the BBC’s studio floor with Protectapeel for years, the system works well for them. We mask off the area and apply the product by airless spray gun, it’s a quick and cost effective way to protect an expensive floor from damage.”

For more information about our protective coatings for flooring, simply contact us.


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