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Peelable Coating Protecting Modular Buildings

Despite having been used for decades, modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular within the construction industry. Modular construction consists of a building being constructed offsite in a controlled factory environment, before being transported and assembled at the final location.

Modular buildings have grown in popularity as this innovative method of construction reduces project execution time, material cost and is safer than traditional construction. Modular buildings are being used for a range of construction projects ranging from offices, hospitality buildings and residential projects.

It's no surprise that as the interest in modular build grows, so has the interest in Protectapeel peelable coatings. We have seen a number of companies take advantage of our service cycle, which has ended with them using our peelable coatings to protect their buildings.

Our customers have said Protectapeel peelable coatings provide the protective solution they need as it does not lose adhesion, meaning it is quickly applied in the factory and protects the surfaces during transport, installation and for any remaining construction work.

Once the protective coating needs to be removed, it is quickly hand peeled revealing clean and undamaged surfaces - allowing the project to stay to budget and no delays are had whilst waiting for replacements!

Video from our free demonstration service

For more information about Protectapeel get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration for you.


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