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Our Lockdown Leader Is In The SME Business Awards Finals!

We are so proud to announce our Managing Director, Andrew Keir is in the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards final!

In 2021, our team decided to nominate Andrew as a "lockdown leader."

Being a leader of people and a business is a difficult task at any time. But COVID-19 required someone to take charge, make decisions and provide clear direction. The Lockdown Leader award acknowledges people who kept their team motivated and informed, despite furlough and working from home.

Andrew manages to combine being a professional leader and a caring person perfectly. That is why it was so easy to nominate him for this award, he showed compassion and optimism throughout an exceptionally difficult time.

Throughout the year, Andrew would encourage us to send fun videos, including quizzes and fun competitions, to our Spraylat WhatsApp group to keep us together virtually.

2020 was a difficult time for everybody made more difficult when we could not spend Christmas with loved ones. Andrew, with his ever-lasting kindness, decided to host a virtual Christmas party. The party was hosted via TEAMS although we were still socially distanced, we could, for those few hours have a sense of normality. A Christmas treat for us all before breaking up for the festive period. Our team said how much fun it had been and how we had for that brief time, forgotten all the stress, negativity and worry that COVID-19 had caused.

Andrew has been our Managing Director for twelve years and he has always shown us the utmost respect professionally, but even more importantly such compassion in our times of need. As a team over the years, we have lost loved ones and faced health issues – Andrew has always been there.

Andrew is our Spraylat hero and we wish him the best of luck at the final on 30th June. 🤞


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