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Lukasz Czerniawski Talks Protectapeel Demonstrations!

Updated: Apr 19

Lukasz from Protectapeel

We sat down with International Sales Manager Lukasz Czerniawski to ask him about free Protectapeel demonstrations!

If someone was interested in Protectapeel - How would they go about booking a demonstration?

Anyone interested in a demonstration can call our office (01536 408 409), contact us via our website or email

We would then get in touch just to ask a few questions such as;

  • What surface(s) are you wanting to protect?

  • How many m² (approx.) is needing protection?

  • Is it internal, external or both?

Then we book the demonstration at a convenient time for you and send a calendar invite over 😊

What tends to happen during a demonstration?

The focus is to show how Protectapeel works – but we also discuss its benefits and the difference in comparison to other protection methods.

Free Protectapeel demonstration

We spray the surface to show how easy Protectapeel is to apply. We've had some sites where the windows weren't installed yet, which is fine as we can bring a sample window to spray if needed, so really a demonstration can be booked anytime!

What is the most common question you are asked?

We are fully prepared to answer any questions, I would say the main question would be 'How long can Protectapeel protect for?' They are usually very impressed to find out it is 12 months!

What happens after a demonstration?

We arrange to come back for a peel test, where people can see how easy Protectapeel is to remove and how strong the coating is!

What is the main benefit of having a demonstration?

Peeling Protectapeel

The main benefit of having a Protectapeel demonstration is to see how well Protectapeel works, from application right the way through to peel. People have been really impressed with the benefits Protectapeel provides, especially compared to other methods of surface protection.

What would you say to someone interested in a demonstration?

Book it! 😁 We are more than happy to visit your site, and please remember that the demonstrations are free and are no obligation. 👍We are always happy to show Protectapeel, and it’s a great way to build relationships!


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