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Instant UV Cured Protective Coating For Timber Mould Varnish Unveiled

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Corby based coatings specialist, Spraylat International Ltd, have unveiled a new varnish that allows architectural timber moulds to be used instantly after application. The product, known as Photocure Varnish, has been designed to help increase the production of architectural cast stone and glass fibre reinforced concrete.

Photocure Varnish is applied by brush, roller or spray to the timber moulds and cured instantly under a UV lamp to eliminate varnish drying times. Varnish usually takes hours for a coat to dry and most timber moulds require three coats of varnish. This slows down production, increases lead times and can create a storage issue in the factory.

Photocure Varnish removes these issues with it’s instant cure technology. By being able to use the timber moulds straight away, production times are cut, lead times are significantly reduced, and factory storage space is increased. Photocure Varnish is also water-based and requires less coats than other varnish.

Photocure Varnish can be applied by hand or machine. It can be applied by automated sprayer and cured on a conveyor which saves even more time during production. The long-term investment of automated varnish can potentially save companies thousands each year.

Spraylat are currently offering company’s the chance to see Photocure Varnish in their own factory to prove how effective it is. You can organise a demonstration by calling the team on 01536 408409


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