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Hand Over On Time & On Budget With Peelable Coatings

The main question we get asked a lot is how Protectapeel® is removed. The common misconception is it is a time-consuming process that needs cleaning afterward. This is not the case!

Protectapeel® is swiftly removed by hand peeling, taking all the dust, dirt and debris with it!

No mess no fuss, it peels in one big sheet and condenses down into a small ball!

Our trusted formulation also means Protectapeel® leaves no residue on the surface once removed, meaning no additional cleaning!

There is no need to worry about delayed hand-over as Protectapeel® leaves surfaces as clean and damage-free as when they were installed!

For more information on how Protectapeel® can help you hand over a project on time and on budget, get in touch today.


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