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Glass Protection During Construction

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Glass is one of the most delicate materials used on construction sites. The physical properties of glass mean it is especially susceptible to scratching. When glass damage occurs, it is one of the most difficult materials to repair, often requiring replacing the glass completely.

Performance requirements call for glass to be more energy efficient. It is often heat-treated and laminated to provide greater strength, safety and security. This high-performance glass is used in both residential and commercial construction. This in turn has increased the importance of proper site storage, handling, installation and protection throughout construction.

Even the most cautious of workers will compete with unintended damage during construction. To prevent this, careful consideration of potential sources of damage is needed.

Exposure to small dust particles is the main cause of scratched glass. Covering the glass beforehand is vital to its survival during the construction process.

A common protection method is film supplied on rolls. However, this tends to lose adhesion, making glass vulnerable to damage. It can also be a time-consuming method too as the film may need replacing every 4-6 weeks.

During the final phase with hand-over deadlines looming there is inevitably a heightened risk of damage. Surfaces are exposed to a variety of conditions that can affect aesthetics and functionality. Even the most minor chip or scratch will be noticeable and any imperfections must be effectively repaired. If proper care isn't taken, surfaces can easily become damaged and may need replacing. Replacements can be costly, disruptive and time-consuming. It also creates unwelcome waste for landfills, with consequential environmental implications.

Here at Spraylat, we help contractors complete projects on time and to the required standard. By using Protectapeel®, they avoid all the unnecessary stress and cost connected to surface damage.

Our Protectapeel® protective coatings have been manufactured in the UK since 1992.

Protectapeel® is applied directly to the surface as a liquid, forming a skin-tight bond to the surface. Protectapeel® withstands damage from;

- Scratching

- Dust & Debris

- Weathering

- Mortar

- Paint overspray

Protectapeel® is easily removed by hand peeling, removing all contamination, revealing clean and most importantly undamaged glass.

If you would like to hand over your project with confidence, get in touch for more information on Protectapeel®.


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