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⭐Five Stars for Protectapeel at Unite Brass Founders⭐

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Protectapeel has been used to protect glass and frames during the extension of the £38m Brass Founders development in Sheffield. The stunning new student accommodation has seen the former South Yorkshire foundry, which closed in 1972, transformed into premium student accommodation with a staggering 437 rooms.

Protectapeel protected Brass Founders during construction

Our application technician visited the site early in the year to perform a free demonstration of our protective coating. The team on site were impressed with the ease of application and the durability of the surface protection Protectapeel provided, and went on to protect 1,200m² of glass and frames during construction.

We always like to hear what our customers think and were really happy to hear from our customer on this site who gave Protectapeel 5 stars and had this to say; “We protected 1,200m² of glass and frames, I was really impressed with the product and the overall customer service,” Josh Gardner, Metclad

If you are interested in Protectapeel why not get in touch to discuss a free demonstration to see how our spray applied protective coating can help you.


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