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Fire Safety Within Construction

There were 1,587 construction fires in the UK between January 2015 and March 2019 (Zurich). Numerous factors on construction sites can worsen existing fire risks including the need for additional heating, lighting and hot work equipment. Hot work tools like welders, drills and heat guns are one of the most common causes of accidental fires on construction sites In 2021 one hot work fire resulted in £20 million in losses on a construction site (CE Safety).

Updates to the fire safety regulations are leading to a more accountable and safe future for construction. The regulations include taking measures that either remove or manage the associated risk of fire hazard. An important factor to manage fire risks on construction sites is to reduce or replace combustible building materials with safer alternatives during the construction phase.

With this important focus within the construction industry, we now make our Protectapeel® peelable construction coatings fire-resistant as standard.

Protectapeel® has achieved a BS 476 Pt 7 fire rating class 1 and 2, which focused on the combustibility and ignitability of a material and its contribution to fire development and spread, rather than its ability to resist the passage of fire.

Our customers have the utmost confidence that Protectapeel® fire-resistant coatings can aid a safer construction site, assisting with the new fire safety regulations.

For more information about our fireproof protective coatings get in touch.


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