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Don't Make This Common Construction Mistake

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Not protecting surfaces during construction can have detrimental effects on the project budget and handover time. Glass and other surfaces can get damaged by scratching, paint overspray, mortar and more during the build.

Damaged surfaces can lead to additional costs for repairs and/or cleaning, if the damage is more serious and the surface needs replacing, delays may be caused due to long lead times on materials.

Protectapeel® spray-on protective coating is quickly applied by airless spray or roller, eliminating the need for measuring and cutting to size! Protectapeel® is ideal for not only flat surfaces such as glass, but also shaped and curved surfaces such as frames and sanitary basins. Protectapeel® is also a fire-resistant protective coating, which has achieved BS 476 Pt 7 Class 1 classification.

The airtight protective coating does not lose adhesion, guaranteeing surfaces are protected from scratching, mortar, dust and dirt and more! When required our peelable protective coating is easily removed by hand peeling – revealing clean and undamaged surfaces ready to hand over on time!


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