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Budget Struggles Are Easier With A Protective Coating!

58% of the UK construction workforce feels that the industry has become more stressful over the last 15 years. (CIOB)

A major impact of stress is the budget. The project must be kept on schedule and within the approved budget to ensure a good relationship between client and contractor. The responsibility for these projects worth hundreds of thousands or even millions falls on the contractor, whose job security and reputation hinge heavily on their ability to manage the project's budget and handover.

There is very little room for mistakes onsite, as mistakes lead to the loss of time and money. Correcting mistakes can cost thousands depending on the severity of the mistake, leading to common disputes trying to establish who has to pay for these mistakes.

Be smart by using surface protection and protect not only surfaces but your budget too! Protectapeel protective coating can save you time and money. Here's how...

Protective Coatings Save Time

Quickly applied by airless spray directly to the surface

No cutting to size or measuring required

Easy to remove by hand peeling

Protective Coatings Save Money

Avoid wastage onsite Reduce repairs and replacements

Prevent surface damage such as scratching, dirt, mortar and more

Reduce additional cleaning costs

12 months protection that does not lose adhesion - ensuring surfaces are protected

No need to replace the protective coating once applied

And A Little Extra Just For You!

Fire resistant as standard (Achieved BS 476 Pt 7 Class 1 and Class 2)

Free services for you - demonstrations, cost comparisons, training, and onsite support!

UK Recycle Point - send your used protective coating back to us for recycling!

Avoid having difficult conversations with your client regarding the project's budget due to avoidable mistakes, such as surface damage. Surface damage can cause all sorts of problems not only impacting your budget (having to repair or replace them) but also delaying the project handover date, leading to further financial penalties and your reputation being tarnished.

Be smart and use Protectapeel on your project, not sure if protective coatings are for you? Why not book a free, no-obligation demonstration?


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