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A Non-Hazardous, Time Saving Solution For Metal Protection

In the oil and gas industry, rust is a serious and ever-present problem. Rust is a chemical reaction involving iron, water and oxygen, which corrode metals.

One way of protecting metal from rust is oiling, which forms a protective layer to prevent rust. As oil and water don’t mix, the element is an effective way to prevent oxidation. The principle here is pretty simple without water, oxygen isn’t able to spark the oxidation process.

With a coating of oil, moisture is unable to react with the iron in the metal and cause rust. However, while an oil coating can be an effective way, it is certainly not a perfect one.

Oiling can be a messy process and once applied, it makes it difficult to handle an object. The surface may need to be covered in a film to stop the oil from rubbing away marking other surfaces. This film may also be time-consuming and difficult when protecting curved surfaces. Oiling also presents a time-consuming issue by needing to be reapplied every 3-6 weeks.

When removing oil, solvents are required. But what do you do with the solvent-stained cloths after? Disposing of solvents is hazardous waste, which is expensive, complicated and harmful for the user and the environment.

These problems become a time-consuming and costly process in a demanding industry.

Protectapeel® Anti-Rust is a liquid applied, temporary protective coating for metal. Protect against rust, corrosion and much more with Protectapeel® Anti-Rust.

Protectapeel® Anti-Rust is a temporary,

protective coating that offers a faster, more efficient way of protecting metal from rust. • Ease of application: liquid applied by spray, brush or roller

• Safer: a water-based protective coating that requires no solvents

• Superior: Protectapeel® Anti-Rust has undergone 1,440 of salt spray testing

• Durable: even though the coating is a liquid, it stops flash rusting

• Long-term: Up to 24 months protection

• Easy to remove: simply remove by hand peeling, no solvents required

• Efficient: prevents the need to prepare surfaces prior to painting

• Non-hazardous waste: simply condense down into a small ball and dispose of

• Cost-effective: material + application + removal + disposal.

Protectapeel® Anti-Rust is environmentally friendly. Once hand peeled away, the coating is condensed into a small ball and disposed of as non-hazardous waste. For more information about Protectapeel Anti-Rust temporary protective coating please get in touch.


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