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424 Foot Curtain Walling On 74 Trinity Place

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

74 Trinity Place is a 26-story mixed-use tower in the Financial District of New York. Having

replaced a 90-year-old Gothic Revival-style parish office building, the pressure was on to pay special attention to the design.

74 Trinity Place is the second-tallest superstructure in the area and is perfectly aligned with the back of Trinity Church and its 284-foot steeple. Trinity Church is considered one of the first and best examples of Neo-Gothic architecture. To accompany this beautiful building, glass and bronze coloured aluminium facade flow across 74 Trinity Place.

Protectapeel® was used during the construction of 74 Trinity Place protecting the beautiful facade from damage such as scratching, mortar and debris. Applied as a liquid Protectapeel® provided skintight protection throughout and

was easily removed by hand.


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