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3 Reasons Why Protectapeel Protective Coatings Are The Best!

Protectapeel protective coatings have been manufactured in the UK and distributed worldwide since 1992. Protectapeel is an impressive protective coating that protects most non-porous surfaces from damage caused by;


Flash Rusting

Plaster & Render

Shot Blasting


Grinding Sparks


UV Light


Mortar Splatter

Salt Water


Dust & Dirt

Paint Overspray


Weld Spatter

Protectapeel has not only been used as a protective coating, it has been used to create attractive backdrops in TV and film, displaying corporate logos, and temporary advertising!

So the three reasons why Protectapeel is the best?

Here they are!


Protectapeel is easily applied by airless spray - saving you time! It is ideal for flat, shaped and curved surfaces! No measuring or cutting to size! Just quick and easy application directly to your surfaces!


The protection Protectapeel offers is outstanding! It protects both internally and externally for up to 12 months, providing superior, air-tight protection that does not lose adhesion!


Protectapeel will reduce repairs, replacement and cleaning on your project! Once removed by hand peeling - Protectapeel takes all dust/debris with it - revealing clean and undamaged surfaces!


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