Challenged To Improve Quality & Deliver Less Expensive Houses?

Research has found that housebuilders spend on average £1,000 per house in repairs or replacement costs, which increases the build cost and delays the completion date also. Protectapeel spray-on, peel-off protective film provides skintight, durable protection internally and externally on non-porous surfaces during the housebuilding stage.


Surfaces such as:

  • Glass

  • Window Frames

  • Doors

  • Shower Trays

  • Sanitary Fittings

  • Work Surfaces 

Unlike traditional film supplied on rolls, Protectapeel is a liquid applied coating, making it ideal for curved, shaped or flat surfaces. Adhering to the surface via surface tension, when removed Protectapeel leaves no residue behind - saving on additional cleaning costs.

Temporary Protection During House Building