Chemical Milling and Etching Maskants That Guarantee Effective Precision Every Time

Protectapeel Hydromask cannot be used as window protection, The peelable coating is only for chemical milling


Protectapeel's peelable coating can be easily etched once dried




Why Protectapeel?

Protectapeel is a peelable maskant used for the chemical milling /etching process. The maskant can be applied by;
- Spray
- Dip 
- Roller

Protectapeel can be air-dried or force dried using a combination of heat and moving air. 

Our water-based maskants are suitable for use in several etchants including;
- Hydrofluoric acid
- Hydrochloric acid 
- Sodium Hydroxide, also known as Caustic Soda.

The protective maskant dries, forming a skin-tight, protective barrier. The exceptional etch properties allow users to precisely cut by hand or laser.  Protectapeel has excellent chemical resistance, that will protect surfaces during the etching process. The peelable maskant retains adhesion, preventing "etch creep". When necessary, Protectapeel is removed by hand peeling.

​Protectapeel is developed and manufactured in-house by Spraylat International Ltd. For more information please get in touch.

Use of Protectapeel