The service we provide

with our Peelable Coatings

Our Free Six-Stage Service Cycle

Stage One - Cost Comparison Calculator

We can firstly show you the benefits of Protectapeel including how much money you can save over the duration of your project. 

We will compare this with your typical choices of protection as well as other areas of protection including damage rates and costs, cleaning costs and reapplication.

Even if we are not the most cost-effective solution, we will share this information with you as we want to ensure all of our customers are getting the best value for money and the right protection.

Stage Two - On-Site Demonstration 

We will visit you at your construction site to show you how Protectapeel works on the surface of your choice. 

You can see Protectapeel applied by airless spray gun or by roller.

You will see what Protectapeel will protect against on your site.

You can even have a go applying and peeling Protectapeel yourself to see how easy it is.

We will even coat a surface and leave it with you to dry so that you can test the coating's protective qualities.

Stage Three - On-Site Training

Once you start using Protectapeel, we will come back to your construction site and train all of your applicators.

This means you get a perfect application and the full benefits of Protectapeel on every protected surface.

We will train the applicators how to use Protectapeel with an airless spray gun or a roller depending on your choice of application.

We will train them on how to use a wet film gauge to ensure they achieve the correct wet film thickness.

Stage Four - Application Video

Once you've had our on-site training you can download our application video to keep with you wherever you are applying Protectapeel. 

This will help you ensure you apply Protectapeel correctly on any surface and have no problems.

Stage Five - Application Guide

With every tub of Protectapeel we provide to you, we will attached a paper version of our application guide.

These can be distributed to those who need them and come with:

  • Protectapeel Application Guide

  • Wet Film Gauge Guide with Wet Film Gauge

  • 1090 Top Coat Application Guide

Stage Six - On-site Monitoring

After you've been applying Protectapeel for some time we can revisit you on-site to check the performance of Protectapeel to ensure you are getting the benefits we have laid out for you. 


We will check that:


Protectapeel is being applied correctly

Protectapeel has dried to the correct thickness

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