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Spray On

Window Protection

Ensure the best protection with our peelable window protection.


Easy application, tough protection and no cleaning or abrasions mean your valued time is not focused on additional cleaning or replacing surfaces.


Make your budget go further by eliminating reapplication, cleaning and damages

Liquid Spray on window protection is used by big construction companies
Peelable glass protection is the modern form of window protection
Spray on window protection film is manufactured by Spraylat and called Protectapeel
Top UK construction companies are switching to spray on glass and window protection
Windows are best protected with spray on window protection films
Window protection spray is the popular choice for contractors.

How Our Spray-On Window Protection Works

Drive better results on your projects by eliminating delays and extra costs.

Save money over the duration of your project with Protectapeel®.

Man applying spray on window protection film to glass and window frame


Easily applied to save you time

  • Protectapeel® window protection will save you time with its quick application.

  • Protectapeel® dries to form a tough protective film. 

  • Protectapeel® gives you peace of mind that window frames and glass will not be harmed by dirt or damage.

Peelable glass protection protecting the window and glass from damage


Superior protection saves you time and money

  • Protectapeel® dries to form a tough protective film to protect windows and glass.

  • You will not have to reapply Protectapeel® as it stays skin-tight to the window and glass. 

  • Protectapeel® window protection will protect against all elements to stop repairs, replacements or cleaning.

Liquid spray on window protective coating has now dried and is ready to be peeled from the glass


Quick removal and no cleaning

  • Protectapeel® is easily peeled by hand in one go. Removal times are slashed.

  • Protectapeel® takes all dirt away and does not leave a residue. Cleaning is eliminated. 

  • Protectapeel® window protection offers superior protection throughout your projects. No more delays.

Protectapeel® Testimonials

I would highly recommend [Protectapeel], it protects everything quickly, saves time, leaves the surface clean, no cleaning is required and it's very easy to apply, very satisfied!

Kris Timofejevs, Skonto Project Manager

It's better than tape and correx for large areas.

I couldn't be happier with the overall customer service, its been outstanding.

Justin Broom, Yuanda Installation Manager

Protectapeel does more than I expected, comes off nicely and brings the dirt with it as well. I've never had to reapply it in all my years of using it.

Owen Treharne, Sipral Installation Manager

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