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Surface Damage? Don't Pay Double To Replace It - Protect It The First Time!

Inflation is rising in the UK at its fastest rate in thirty years, reaching 10.1% in July as fuel, energy and food costs surge. Alarmingly, this is forecast to rise to 18% by 2023.

What does this mean for the construction industry?

Construction materials are reported to have risen by nearly 25% with a staggering 22% of construction workers reporting this significant rise over the last 12 months.

We have seen a rise in interest in our liquid-applied protective film. The reason for this interest is project managers have said they are continually worrying about their projects under construction costing more than initially budgeted or taking longer to complete.

Unfortunately, a surefire way to add costs and longer lead times to any construction project is surface damage. Once a surface is damaged, money will need to be spent either repairing or replacing the surface. If replacements are needed, this also creates catastrophic delays due to the materials shortage that has plagued the industry since 2020.

We know there are other bigger factors that can impact your construction project – but if you could avoid surface damage costing you time and money as well – why wouldn’t you?

So what makes us different?

We know there are plenty of surface protection methods out there, but here’s the difference…

Protectapeel® offers quick and easy application by airless spray or roller direct to the surface as a liquid – no measuring, no cutting to size and no wastage. Once dry, The self-adhesive protective coating forms an air-tight protective bond that does not lose adhesion for up to 12 months. When required, the peelable protective coating is easily removed by hand, taking all dust, dirt and debris with it, leaving just clean and undamaged surfaces.

Want to save time and money on your construction project? Get in touch!


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