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Stop the problems by starting with the solution!

Fed up when surfaces are installed onto your project – only to find they are dirty, dusty or worse… scratched and damaged?

Fed up with having to find the time to repair them, or calling in replacements that take an age to get delivered?

Fed up with the added stress this brings to you and your budget?

Worried about completing the project on time? Does this sound familiar?

We’re getting more and more site managers calling us with these issues, needing a solution so they can focus on the project itself and not the problems!

Now we don’t like to brag… but protection is kind of our thing and we know how to protect and protect well!

Protectapeel® is the simple solution for all these problems…

Traditional Protection Methods


Measure, cut and tape down

Liquid applied for fast application

Weathering can affect adhesion externally

Internal and external use

Dust & dirt can get behind protection - surfaces become vulnerable

Skin tight protection

Boards cannot protect shaped surfaces, and film is time-consuming cutting and taping it down

Protects curved and shaped surfaces

Film may need reapplying every 4-5 weeks - who has time for that?

12 months protection

Film loses adhesion exposing the surface to damage

No loss of adhesion

Film and board need to be cut to size

No cutting to size

Once purchased, it's left to you

6-stage service cycle for you


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