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Recycling Protectapeel

When we recycle, used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources. As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change. Current UK recycling is estimated to save more than 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year – the equivalent of taking 5 million cars off the road.

To help our customers become more environmentally friendly we have introduced Protectapeel Recycle Point. Protectapeel Recycle Point allows our UK customers to return all of their used Protectapeel protective coatings back to us for free!

Once Protectapeel has been used on-site to protect surfaces, the coating is condensed down into a small ball and placed into the free Protectapeel recycle bags (given to you by your account manager). Simply call the office to arrange a convenient time and we will come and collect your recycling for free!*

Get in touch for more information and together we can;

- Reduce Emissions

- Reduce Landfill

- Save Energy

- Conserve Resources

- Build Relationships

- Save Money

*Five working days' notice is required. Please let us know of any restrictions on site prior to collection. A minimum of 50kg of used material is required for free collection


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