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Protectapeel® With You In Mind

We offer a range of services to our customers to guarantee surfaces are protected! Saving our customers time and money!

Our personalised service package is designed for our customer's specific projects and needs, making sure they get the very best from their surface protection film!

Our service package starts with a demonstration. This involves our Application Technician visiting sites and demonstrating the ease of applying Protectapeel® peelable coatings.

Next, our sales team will provide a protection cost comparison that estimates the cost savings involved in using surface protection... even if it isn't Protectapeel®.

Once Protectapeel® is purchased, we offer free of charge training at most UK sites. We can also provide virtual training and videos for sites further away! Every tub of Protectapeel® includes an application guide and a wet film gauge. Ensuring you are 100% confident applying Protectapeel®.

But it doesn't stop there!

If requested, our Application Technician will take samples of the dried Protectapeel® protective coating. The samples are sent to our Technical Department who will verify the thickness is correct. This free on-site support ensures your surfaces are fully protected throughout your project.

There's no need to worry about surface damage when using Protectapeel® - our friendly team has you covered!


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