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Our Free Full Service Package With You In Mind

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Here at Spraylat, we want you to have as much confidence in Protectapeel® as we do! That's why we offer a full-service package complete with;

- Free on-site demonstration

- Free protection cost comparison

- Free application guide

- Free on-site training

- Free application videos

- Free on-site support

Do you want to know how Protectapeel® works? Why not book a free Protectapeel® demonstration! Our Application Technician will come to your site (at a convenient time to you) to demonstrate how Protectapeel® is applied and how it protects your surfaces.

Have you been weighing up the costs of protection? Worried about keeping your project on budget? Why not let us help? Based on your requirements, our dedicated team can estimate the cost savings involved in using surface protection... even if it is not Protectapeel®!

An application guide and wet film gauge are supplied on every tub of Protectapeel®. So whether you choose to spray or roll Protectapeel® you will have an easy step-by-step guide every step of the way.

We provide full training for our Protectapeel® products. If you are based in the UK we can easily come to your site to train your applicators at most sites. However, if you are further away we can also provide virtual training. Your applicators will be fully trained and will receive a Protectapeel® Application Certificate.

If we can’t visit your site to provide training, we offer virtual training via our useful videos. We will start by showing you what to do before you begin, we have both spray and roll videos depending on how you wish to apply Protectapeel®. If you choose to spray, we also have very helpful and spray gun videos showing you how to set it up and clean it down. Once you have watched them and are trained completely, you will receive a Protectapeel® Application Certificate.

Where requested, we will come back to your site after Protectapeel® has been applied. Our Application Technician will take samples of the dry film and send them to our Technical Department who will verify the dry film thickness is correct.


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