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Spray On Protective Coatings In Construction - Why are they becoming more popular?

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The construction industry is always evolving by evaluating methods and practices which can be adapted or improved to increase efficiency. New procedures will have to help contractors cope with Brexit whilst protecting profits.

One application becoming more popular is liquid surface protection. These are saving contractors time and money. Liquid applied protection, such as Protectapeel, are applied to non-porous surfaces by airless spray-gun or roller.

They dry to form a tough protective layer that offers superior protection for up to 24 months internally and 12 months externally.

The coating protects against abrasions, dirt, paint, mortar, weathering and much more.

Liquid applied temporary coatings can eliminate cleaning completely and remove the need for repairs or replacements.

They also save time by helping contractors complete projects on time, avoiding delay penalties from the client.

Many top UK contractors are already working with Protectapeel’s liquid applied protection and are getting the benefits of saving time and money. More companies are beginning to enquire about these types of protective coatings for their upcoming projects.

By switching to spray-on protection and removing the need to clean, repair or replace surfaces, contractors can save up to £14 per square metre. Why not get in touch to find out more.


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